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Illustration: Zwei Farbflächen, grün und blau, überlegt mit einem weißen Doktorhut

TUM Sustainability Career Day

Building your Sustainable Future

At the TUM Sustainability Career Day at Straubing campus, we bring students together with companies and offer an opportunity for networking. The focus is on entry-level opportunities and careers in the fields of sustainability, bioeconomy and biotechnology.

Illustration: Zwei Farbflächen, grün und blau, überlegt mit einem weißen Doktorhut

Bus trip to the TUM Campus Straubing

For students of TUM, the Straubing Campus offers the possibility to travel together by bus from the main campus, the Garching Campus and the Weihenstephan Campus and back. Interested students are asked to register under the following link:

Registration Form Bus Trip to TUM Sustainability Career Day


A series of workshops, some of them interactive, will be offered at the TUM Sustainability Career Day. In addition, OASA and the Employment Agency offer individual counseling and a CV check.

Soon there will be the opportunity to register for the various lectures, workshops and the CV check via a form provided by the student council.

During the whole event

Selection procedure video and telephone interviews

During a workshop, participants receive background information and tips on various steps in the application process from a company perspective. From application screening and insights into online assessment to telephone/video interviews and selection days, sample tasks are discussed together with the participants. The workshop will be held in german language.


Job hunting and CV check
Agentur für Arbeit

In addition to a CV check, the Federal Employment Agency will also be available for brief informational interviews on job hunting. The Welcome Team is available for both international and German students who wish to work in Germany. If you are seeking employment abroad, we will provide you with valuable contacts and information. We ask that you keep to the booked time slots and come to the appointment with specific questions so that the experts can also provide the best possible advice.

TUM Global & Alumni Office
Parking entrance Uferstraße

The GEA Showtruck – A truckload of information and knowledge
GEA Group

GEA’s expertise in heating and cooling systems for industrial applications spans numerous industries. GEA offers high-quality technical solutions for the food and beverage, dairy processing, oil and gas, and marine industries, as well as for district heating. Regardless of whether standardized or customized solutions are involved, the focus is always on the key customer requirements: efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. In the truck (with his 70-square-meter venue), visitors will receive information on product innovations and product launches related to sustainability under the motto “Small Steps, Giant Leap”. The equipment on board is complemented by additional components integral to the world of heating and refrigeration: filters, valves, safety devices by GEA AWP and reliable solutions for servicing and maintaining GEA products.

10 am to 12:30 pm
P1 (PG5)

Workshop: Circular Enablers for Pharma
Kathleen Landenberger & Maria-Isabel Bergmann
Camelot Management Consultants

Join the case study to learn how pharma companies can successfully transform to circular economy.
Now it’s your turn! Identify realistic criteria within the pharmaceutical industry that will enable companies to successfully transform. Where are the strengths as well as the risks?

1 pm to 2 pm
Stop of Global Warming by Heat Pumps: Basics, a lot of Experiments & Industrial Applications
Carsten Spieker
GEA Group
Pharma and Life Science going Green
Sören Hörnicke
Camelot Management Consultants

Join us for an insightful discussion on sustainability in the pharma and life science industry, with a focus on introducing green practices and exploring firsthand insights on key sustainability issues and topics
We share our findings from several interviews with industry experts and thought leaders who reflect their perspectives on the importance of sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry and offer practical solutions for positive change toward a greener future

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm
LCA in the healthcare industry, the case of Roche
Dr. Barbara Schmieg, Dr. Christian Rudolph (in presence), Dr. Isolda Agusti, Nicole Thomsen (online)
Roche Holding AG
How to feed the world in 2050
Christelle Theis
GEA Group
4 pm to 5 pm
SAP’s Sustainability Strategy
Dr. Rüdiger Eichin, Dr. Katharina Wollenberg, Joschka von Harnsdorf und Halil Can Salis
6 pm to 7 pm Panel discussion
Panel discussion
with Barbara Holz, Luc Albert, Christian Mani and Sebastian Goerg

How to manage the transition to sustainable companies?

Reconciling ecological, social, and economic sustainability in management and technology development is one of today’s major challenges. The panel discussion will explore organizations’ transformation pathways toward a more sustainable future. The discussants will provide insights on current developments within their companies and innovative technology trends. However, a successful transformation to ecological, social and economic sustainable companies requires new insights into processes, tools, methods, and approaches to master the grand challenges of a transformation. The panel discussion will underpin the current and future capabilities needed by students and graduates.


Barbara Holz (Gruber-Folien) is managing partner of Gruber-Folien. Gruber-Folien develops and produces packaging solutions for almost every industry at its location in Straubing. The company combines a 50-year tradition with the most modern company organization and the will to constant change – thanks to the twin sisters Barbara Holz and Elisabeth Gruber – the owners and managing directors. It is important to you to build an inspiring company together with creative and motivated people. Great importance is attached to the compatibility of family and work, sustainability, new work, and gender shift play a decisive role.

Melanie Kubin-Hardewig (Telekom) is responsible for corporate responsibility at the global level for the Deutsche Telekom AG group. She designs the sustainability strategy and lighthouse initiatives for the ecological, social and overarching commitment of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Luc Albert is a successful international investor, former financial services executive, and mentor. His mentoring is underpinned by his international context, having run companies on different continents. He regularly works with executives and their teams, supporting them to grow effectively and achieve ambitious goals. He is an investor and executive advisor at Anthesis Group, a member of the Advisory Board of Palatine Impact and former chairman of African Drive.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian J. Goerg (TUM) heads the Professorship Economics at the TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability. In his research, he investigates the effects of information, incentives, and institutions on human behavior in economic situations. In teaching, he is responsible for the B.Sc. and M.Sc. Bioeconomy programs as well as the B.Sc. Sustainable Management and Technology. He is also the designated Academic Program Director for the Professional Profile Bioeconomy at TUM.


Registration for the workshop “Auswahlverfahren Video und Telefoninterviews” by Lidl Vertriebs-GmbH & Co. KG: FULLY BOOKED!

Registration for the workshop “Circular Enablers for Pharma” by Camelot Management Consultants: FULLY BOOKED

Registration for the Consulting offer by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Job Agency): FULLY BOOKED

Uferstraße, gesehen vom Südosten, erhöhte Perspektive: Ein moderner Betonbau mit Holzverkleidungen
The venue of the TUM Sustainability Career Day.

Participating companies

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