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Renewable resources may be an ‘old’ course of study at TUMCS, but as a concept it is nevertheless very topical in our Green Office’s latest project: Vege.Table. In cooperation with Donaumarkt Gartencenter Gartenplanung GmbH and Firmengruppe Leibl, students at the campus have recently been given the opportunity to discover their inner vegetable gardener. Even without a garden of their own, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and much more are now growing in the greenhouse provided free of charge to the participants on the grounds of the garden center!

And why buy what you can grow yourself? The Green Office and the AK Garten are pleased to be able to give students a piece of self-sufficiency for the kitchen with this project. The care and harvest is the task of the planting groups themselves, from the so-called ‘Soilmates’ only a minimum of self-responsibility and appropriate time management is required. Not too high a price for de facto having one’s own vegetable garden – special thanks, of course, to the Donaumarkt garden center and Firmengruppe Leibl. Perspectively, after a successful ‘pilot phase’ this summer, Vege.Table could be planted (literally) even bigger in the following years, which is very pleasant news for all students of the campus and for us as Green Office.

Keep planting!