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Sustainable Chemicals & Processes

A large number of base and fine chemicals, fuels, and other products can be produced via material use of biogenic resources and via recycling. In the interdisciplinary collaboration of chemistry, biotechnology, energy engineering, and process engineering, novel sustainable synthesis pathways and respective processes are developed.

Project highlights

Project NAMOSYN – Sustainable mobility through synthetic fuels
In this project, the TUM is collaborating with more than 30 partners from industry and academia on the development of technologies for synthetic fuels in the transport sector. Thereby, oxymethylenethers are in the focus.
Project Blue-green algae - Joint research on natural substances from blue-green algae

Due to their unique biosynthetic machinery, there is a growing interest in blue-green algae as a potential source of sustainable chemicals. Blue-green algae are a rich source of lipids that can be used for biofuels and polymers in the future. Due to their many unusual chemical structures, blue-green algae can also be used as a starting point for new drugs. The aim of this EFRE-funded project is therefore to optimize the cultivation of algae strains for the production of valuable compounds. Systems biology and high-throughput technologies from transcriptomics will be used for this purpose. This is supported by modern genetic methods for the modification of algae strains and by the use of chemical and enzymatic processes. In addition, sustainability assessments of the processes are carried out. Further information

Research groups


TUM Campus Straubing
Petersgasse 5
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Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber

Prof. Dr. Anja Faße

Managing Director:
Dr.-Ing. Norbert Fröhlich

Management Office

Margit Faltermeier

Phone: +49 (0) 9421 187-0

Program Management &
Student Advising

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