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Student representatives at the TUM Campus Straubing

Student representatives at the TUM Campus Straubing

We represent the interests of all students at TUMCS. In university politics we are represented for you in the student council (interdepartmental), in the institute council and in the faculty council (locally). In addition, we sit on study grant committees and on appointment committees for new professors.

The main task here at TUMCS is the organization of various events every semester. This ranges from parties to sporting events and running dinners to pub crawls. We also strive to make the start of the semester at our campus as smooth and memorable as possible for all first-year students. But we also don’t lose sight of the day-to-day quality of life on campus: free study rooms, free beer fridge, etc. pp.

We always have an open ear for all calls for help, questions, suggestions and ideas.

So: Everyone who wants to get involved is welcome. The best way is to send us an email to or a message on our instagram (@fachschaft.tumcs). Please specify the department you refer to.

Instagram: @fachschaft.tumcs


Student Council
TUM Campus Straubing

Room 00.009
Schulgasse 22
94315 Straubing


Board of Directors
Niklas Höfer, Kathi Böhm & Nina Faecks

Yasmin Latifi

AKs & Unisport
Jannik Schneider

Dominik Gerlach

Study program
Lea Zöller

Campus Wellbeing
Mara Schlett & Finnegan Jackson-Kloenther