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PlanB Start-Up Competition 2022

Submit your green ideas until August 7, 2022

Ideas for a sustainable circular economy

TUM Senior Excellence Faculty presents book on the circular economy

Cover Feature in ChemBioChem

Recognition for multidisciplinary efforts combining their strengths towards the Bioeconomy

Fuel from waste wood

Possibility to produce ethanol on a financially competitive and technically efficient basis

Bright, stable, and easy to recycle lighting

Low-cost blue and white light emitting electrochemical cells developed

TUM Campus Straubing


Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

“40.3 Million people worldwide are in slavery”: With this sentence, Dr Alexander Trautrims began the opening lecture of the newly launched Campus Colloquium. Dr Alexander Trautrims is an Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management and leads the University of Nottingham’s Rights Lab Business & Economies programme.

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Cu-Lighting Team Win Royal Society of Chemistry’s Prestigious Horizon Prize

A team of scientists from across Europe have been named the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Dalton Division Horizon Prize, celebrating the most exciting chemical science taking place today. Among them is the the team of Prof. Rubén Costa, head of the Chair for Biogenic Funcitonal Materials at TUM Campus Straubing.

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Excursion to the Circular Science Slam in Munich

On 01.06.22, a group of 50 students from the Sustainable Production and Circular Economy courses traveled to the Circular Science Slam in Munich, organized by Vanessa Heinrich (PhD student at the Circular Economy Chair).

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Ideas for a sustainable circular economy

The sustainable circulation of materials and products, powered by regenerative energy sources, in order to bring about a healthy future: that is the underlying vision of the circular economy. A new book on the circular economy compiled by the TUM Senior Excellence Faculty highlights suggestions and potential sources of inspiration for a sustainable and rationally managed economy.

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  • 28th Jun 2022 17:00 CET

    Wie die Natur ihr eigenes Licht produziert
  • 29th Jun 2022 13:00 CET

  • 30th Jun 2022 13:30 CET

    Info-Webinar B.Sc. Biogene Werkstoffe
  • 30th Jun 2022 14:00 CET

    Info-Webinar B.Sc. Chemische Biotechnologie
  • 12th Jul 2022 17:00 CET

    Wunderding Schmetterling – Die Welt der fliegenden Farben
  • 13th Jul 2022 13:30 CET

  • 20th Jul 2022 13:00 CET

  • 20th Jul 2022 14:30 CET



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