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Artificial photosynthesis for environmentally friendly food production

Agriculture 2.0: TUM researchers produce important amino acid from greenhouse gas CO2

Producing cars with sustainable materials

Lighthouse project: Development of new concepts with TUM participation

“Such an inspiring environment”

TUMCS student participated in the COP27 conference

TUMCS Sustainability Ride

Together, professors, staff and students will ride to TUM Sustainability Day on Oct. 27, 2022

Sympathy with the earthquake victims

Rector Volker Sieber on the catastrophe in Turkey and Syria

TUM Campus Straubing

Artificial photosynthesis for environmentally friendly food production

Ensuring the supply of food to the constantly growing world population and protecting the environment at the same time are often conflicting objectives. Now researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have successfully developed a method for the synthetic manufacture of nutritional protein using a type of artificial photosynthesis. The animal feed industry is the primary driver of high demand for large volumes of nutritional protein, which is also suitable for use in meat substitute products.

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Brain research in space

The ADDONISS (Ageing and Degenerative Diseases of Neurons on the ISS) project of the WARR student group was launched to the International Space Station ISS today. The winning team of the “Überflieger 2” competition of Deutsche Raumfahrtagentur (DLR) and Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) conducts research of six neuronal cell cultures in microgravity.

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Prof. Costa new member of the Global Young Academy (GYA)

The Selection Committee of the Global Young Academy (GYA) has finalised the selection of 41 new members to join the GYA in June 2023 for a tenure of five years. The GYA’s new member cohort includes representatives from 31 individual countries, covering all GYA general disciplines. One new member is Prof. Rubén Costa, head of the chair of Biogenic Functional Materials at TUM Campus Straubing.

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