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New Study Shows how to Improve Public’s COVID19 Health-Preserving Attitudes

New study with participation of TUMCS professor Sebastian Goerg

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Successful cooperation of TUMCS and ghanaian university

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Latest information on COVID-19

Until further notice, the Campus is in limited operation. Restrictions regarding physical contact and essential preventive health measures will remain in place.

You can find a summary of the most important information an measures at

Please also note the Entry quarantine regulation of the Free State of Bavaria.

Last update: 11 November 2020


Quo Vadis Biogenic Phosphors?

White light-emitting diodes (WLEDs) consist of a blue-light emitting chip that is covered with yellow-emitting inorganic phosphors based on rare-earth or toxic materials that are regulated by a few countries. Indeed, they are one of the most critical bottlenecks when trying to ensure the sustainable development of WLEDs.

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Redox Flow Batteries in Teaching

Electricity storage technologies will become an important technology as the share of fluctuating renewable energies increases. In addition to classic storage technologies such as pumped storage power plants or Li-ion batteries, the redox flow battery has developed in recent years.

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New Study Shows how to Improve Public’s COVID19 Health-Preserving Attitudes

The outbreak of COVID-19 caused governments and researchers around the globe to follow two main routes in order to address the crisis and reduce effective reproduction numbers of the virus: (1) impose restrictions, closures and emergency regulations, and (2) search for a vaccine and effective medication.A new study, in which Prof. Dr. Sebastian Goerg, Professor for Economics at the Straubing Campus for Biotechnology and Sustainability and a researcher at the Technical University of Munich was involved, follows a third route that focuses on individuals’ attitudes and the development of health promoting motivations of the public.

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Wind energy analysis has new implications for manufacturing, supply chain, and industrial policy

A new study published today in Nature Energy, Effects of technology complexity on the emergence and evolution of wind industry manufacturing locations along global value chains, examines the relationship between characteristics of wind turbine technology and the manufacturing location for various components of the turbine—from high-complexity components, such as blades and gearboxes, to low-complexity components, such as towers and generators.

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