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Appointed as professors

Two postdocs take the next step in their career

On the Road to a Bioeconomy

Professor Anja Faße charts a path out of the climate crisis that calls for new leadership and education

A standard for AI in biomedicine

Research team including Prof Grimm has proposed the AIMe registry

Vege.table – selfgrow vegetables

Check out the Green Office’s latest project

Enzyme system for the hydrogen industry

Platinum-free biocatalyst for fuel cells and water electrolysis

TUM Campus Straubing


New production path for ethanol developed

Ethanol is already being used as a fuel and blended with fossil gasoline. You can find it at the gas station, for example, when you fill up with E-10. Up to 10% ethanol is then added to the gasoline. The ethanol is mainly produced by fermenting sugars (alcoholic fermentation).

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“I’ll try to stay connected to the TUMCS”

With Dr. Abu Siddique, researcher at the Chair of Economics of Prof. Sebastian Goerg, another post-doc – after Dr. Manuel Ostermeier – has the opportunity to establish his own professorship as of January. Dr. Siddique will be teaching and researching in London. A conversation about his time at TUM Campus Straubing and what he will miss about the city of Straubing.

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The three dimensions of sustainable supply chains

Why are sustainable supply chains more relevant than ever? And what exactly is behind this concept of “sustainable supply chains”? Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner, who holds the professorship for Supply and Value Chain Management at the Technical University of Munich, explained more about this topic in his latest inspirational lecture on the topic of sustainability at the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning.

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Wissenschaftspreis Straubing 2022 – Apply now!

Award for the promotion of science and research in the Competence Center for Renewable Resources The prize is awarded to students, doctoral candidates or scientists working at the Competence Center for Renewable Resources and have drawn attention to themselves through...

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Looking Behind the Doctorate – Get to know Samuel Sutiono

Samuel Sutiono is a biotechnological researcher who obtained his master’s degree from Lund University, Sweden and then pursued his doctoral research at the Technical University of Munich at the Chair of Chemistry for Biogenic Resources, TUM Campus Straubing. For his thesis on the development of biocatalysts for the production of chemicals, he was awarded the international Dimitris N. Chorafas prize.

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