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TUMCS | PM | 03.02.2020

Dr. Aurisicchio und Prof. Fröhling (l.) im Gebäude der Schulgasse 16. (Foto: TUMCS)

Dr. Aurisicchio and Prof. Fröhling (l.) in Schulgasse 16’s foyer. (Foto: TUMCS)

Recently, Dr. Marco Aurisicchio, Reader at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London (ICL), visited the Chair of Circular Economy and its head Prof. Dr. Magnus Fröhling at the Straubing Campus of the Technical University Munich (TUM). The reason for the meeting was a planned cooperation between Imperial College and TUM in the field of Circular Economy.

Both institutions intend to work closely together in the circular economy in the future. Dr. Aurisicchio and Prof. Fröhling developed specific research topics and funding opportunities and also visited the BioCampus in Straubing-Sand. Dr Aurisicchio’s research interests are mainly in the areas of sustainable consumption and sustainable production. The next step will be a joint workshop of interested researchers from both institutions in London.