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Business Game Winner

The winning team “Saftladen” of the supply chain business game after receiving their challenge cup (with distance)

After six rounds of this year’s Supply Chain Business Game, the 2020 champion was decided. Team “Saftladen”, consisting of Magdalena Huber, Polina Ivanova, Emilia Wengorz und Enrico Kaschak finished with the highest ROI and lead their own Orange Juice Production Company to a successful operational turnaround.

The Supply Chain Business game is a course offered by the Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management for the second time in a row. The purpose is to study the impact of supply chain and operations decisions on the overall performance of a company by means of a practical business game. Due to the extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19, the course was taught entirely online this semester.

While this situation lead to changes in all courses, the students of the supply chain business game managed to adapt very well to the new methods of teaching. The course was taught in live sessions via Zoom, students hold presentations in small breakout Zoom sessions and during the six rounds of the game, the 4 teams worked remotely together via the business game’s online platform.

The very good performance of all teams shows the advantages that online teaching formats can have for students and teachers. We saw a good collaboration and fun among the students, even though they were situated in different countries at times. Although students and teachers could not see each other in real life, the use of online tools made it much easier for students to receive instant and direct feedback via screen sharing, to hold effective team presentations and to show their decisions based on own calculations.

The winning team “Saftladen” now takes the place of previous year’s champion “Die Isobaren” with their name on the challenge cup. Congratulations again to the team and all others for their participation in the course during the semester!