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Teaching at RES for the “EuroTeQ Engineering University

TUMCS | 20.10.2021

Redox-Flow Battery

Redox-Flow Battery (© RES, 2020)

Within the framework of EuroTeQ Universities, the Professorship of Regenerative Energy Systems (RES) together with Tallinn University of Technology (Department of Energy Technology) and Czech University of Technology in Prague (Department of Nuclear Reactors) is offering a practical course this winter semester, which will be completely online. RES offers an experiment on a redox flow battery. Our partners offer experiments on the safety of nuclear power plants performed on an experimental reactor and another one on heat production from biomass. This is not just about technical training for students. The focus is also on interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation. Findings from the exploration of this new form of teaching should benefit our students on campus as well as at the other EuroTeQ universities.

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