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A delegation from Waseda University in Japan recently visited the TUM Campus Straubing. The agenda included possible exchange programmes for professors from both universities and the expansion of joint cooperation.

“We were very happy to share this time with the delegation from Waseda University”, said Prof. Rubén D. Costa, head of the Chair of Biogenic Functional Materials, who organized this event.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Waseda is a research-intensive institution which provides a stimulating academic environment for its students.

The Waseda University delegation with Prof. Costa during the campus tour.

One international alliance in which the involvement of Waseda University could be explored is Eurotech alliance. The EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of leading European universities of science and technology joining forces to build a strong, sustainable, sovereign, and resilient Europe. The partners bring their excellence in research and education, their active engagement in vibrant eco-systems and service to society.

In addition, the Global Bioeconomy Alliance offers a place for exchange. The idea of the Global Bioeconomy Alliance is the installation of a strong network of universities all over the world, which are leading in the field of bioeconomy. The intension is to strengthen the cooperation in research and teaching by workshops, common projects as well as staff exchange to transfer knowledge and expertise. The strong nucleus will be composed off the Technical University of Munich (Germany), the University of Queensland (Australia) and the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil), which are top-level universities of these countries, and have a strong expertise in research connected to bioeconomy aspects.