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Award for Josef Eiglsperger: The doctoral student at the Professorship of Bioinformatics (Prof. Dominik Grimm) at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) at TUM Campus Straubing (TUMCS) received the “Outstanding Poster Award” for his poster and presentation at the Machine Learning Research School (MLRS) in Bangkok. The Research Summer School ran from 02.08. to 09.08.2023 and took place at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency.

Josef Eiglsperger (l.) receiving the certificate for the best poster. Photo: Eiglsperger.

On each of five poster session days, “Outstanding Poster Awards” were presented for the best poster and the best presentation on the respective day – one of which was awarded to Josef Eiglsperger.

“I would like to sincerely thank all participants of MLRS 2023 for this great event and the opportunity to present our research to an international audience here at TUM Campus Straubing,” says the Bioinformatics PhD student. According to Eiglsperger, it was particularly gratifying that “our work was received so positively. It was also extremely valuable to meet many interesting people in this fascinating city. The exchange with leading experts from all over the world in my field has greatly enriched my projects, and I was also able to gain many insights into other areas of machine learning as well as establish potential collaborations.”

All participants of the Summer School. Photo: Eiglsperger.

The goals of the event were to promote machine learning in Thailand and to build an international network of internationally recognised experts by providing extensive tutorials and direct interaction between participants, speakers and researchers. The Research Summer School covered a wide range of topics, including Introduction to Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Fairness in AI, Ethical AI, AI for Sustainability (agriculture, energy, climate change, etc.) and AI in Healthcare. There were also roundtable discussions, panels and social events to foster collaboration between participants.