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SCM | 11.08.2023

On Friday, 11.08.23 the first edition of the Straubinger Sustainability Symposium was held. Over 30 participants from all over Germany met to present and discuss their research. As the title suggests, all topics were focused on the different dimensions of sustainability.

Participants of the 1. Straubinger Sustainability Symposium

The program featured several presentations including: “Impact of Consumer Picking on Food Waste: A Data-Driven Approach” by Tobias Winkler (TUM), “Planning Precautionary Measures for Pluvial Flash Floods – Theoretical and Applied Approaches” by Jan Boeckmann (HSWT) and “Improving supply chain sustainability by the German due diligence act” by Marcus Brandenburg (University of Applied Science, Flensburg). The broad spectrum of topics fostered interdisciplinary collaboration and learning. The event was a great success and paves the way for further editions of the Straubinger Sustainability Symposium.