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Prevo, a Foodtech startup hailing from TUM campus Straubing and specializing in sustainable food systems, achieved significant milestones during the highly anticipated TUM entrepreneurship day on June 29th. The company was honored with the esteemed startup booster grant of 45,000 euros, presented by TUM Venture Lab Food Agro Biotech and EIT Food, highlighting their innovative approach and immense potential for success in the industry.

Fünf Personen stehen auf einer Dachterasse. Im Hintergrund der Uhrenturm der TUM.

On the entrepreneurship day, Prevo won the startup booster grant. Prevo also won the first-place in social impact award by TUM School of Management Alumni. In the picture the TUMCS winners Khalil Kaddoura (2nd left) and Jona Rott (m.). Foto: TUM School of Management

The Foodtech pitching event, which featured Prevo alongside six other startups, showcased the remarkable talent and technological advancements within TUM’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Prevo emerged victorious, impressing the panel of judges and securing the startup booster grant. This substantial financial injection will greatly support their research and development activities at TUM campus Freising.

Prevo’s achievements on that eventful day did not end there. They were also bestowed with the first-place social impact award by TUM School of Management Alumni during the after-event celebrations. This recognition solidifies Prevo’s unwavering commitment to creating a meaningful and sustainable impact on society through their innovative solutions.

In addition to these accomplishments, Prevo received a prototyping grant from UnternehmerTUM funding for innovators in June. This support will provide the team with the necessary resources to further develop and refine their revolutionary concept.

Prevo owes much of its success to the invaluable support and resources provided by TUM Venture Lab Food Agro Biotech and TUM Venture Lab Sustainability Circular. TUM Venture Labs foster an environment of innovation, granting Prevo access to cutting-edge technologies and domain specific intelligence from various experts within the TUM and Munich startup ecosystems.

Prevo is also supported by Prof. Michael Zavrel, chair of Bioprocess Engineering at TUMCS, who provides invaluable expertise and guidance on technology development.

The dedicated team behind Prevo consists of TUM students with diverse expertise and a shared passion for creating a sustainable future. Khalil Kaddoura, responsible for technology development, is pursuing an MSc in Technology of Biogenic Resources at TUMCS. Jona Rott, in charge of sustainability and management, is currently studying his MSc in bioeconomy at TUMCS.

Prevo’s origins can be traced back to Beirut, Lebanon, where the original founder, Khalil, began working on the startup while studying chemical engineering at the American University of Beirut. Motivated by personal experiences and a deep understanding of the challenges posed by resource scarcity, Khalil embarked on a mission to contribute to the food revolution and establish a sustainable, efficient, and equitable food system. The decision to join TUM in October was driven by the recognition that the university provides an ideal environment to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and harness the power of science to design sustainable food solutions.

Prevo’s remarkable journey is a testament to the transformative opportunities provided by TUM and the Venture Labs. By joining forces with key industry players, securing grants and awards, and establishing vital partnerships, Prevo is well-positioned to lead the way in decarbonizing the food industry and shaping a more sustainable future.