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Logo AK Stoteles: Strichzeichnung eines Männerkopfes mit Bart und Sonnenbrille, darunter Schriftzug AK Stoteles

We are the AK Stoteles – the new student group for philosophy at TUMCS.

What is our goal?

We are dedicated to philosophising and discussing topics that are not directly related to our studies – simply thinking outside the box. At our meetings, we aim to broaden our horizon, gain new perspectives on (often controversial) topics, and improve our rhetorical skills along the way. Of course, our meetings also provide a good platform to get to know your fellow students. We are not a debating club, everyone can and should give free rein to their thoughts.

What do our meetings look like?

First, discussion groups are formed, taking into account language preferences (German/English), small enough to give everyone a chance to participate. No prior knowledge is needed to join in – we also deliberately keep the topics vague until the actual discussion, so that there can be no extensive research and thus knowledge discrepancy. This is made possible by announcing it with the help of a picture/meme, like the one presented here on the topic “What is normal?”.

Meme Mediocrity: symmetrische Diagrammkurve mit hohem Mittelpunkt, darauf ein Strichmännchen: Hurra, ich habe Mittelmäßigkeit erreicht

During the debate and to collect our thoughts, we use a digital whiteboard (Miro). In principle, all participants are invited to record their thoughts and ideas on it. The second picture shows an example board.

Bildschirmfoto eines virtuellen Whiteboards mit Haftnotizen

How often do our meetings take place?

About every 4 to 6 weeks for about 2.5 hours (with a short break) currently via Zoom. Each meeting is announced separately.

How can you participate?

We ask you to register for each meeting with your name and language preference (German/English/indifferent) by e-mail (see contact). We need this information to put the groups together. If you would like to support us in the organisation or have suggestions for topics, please write to us on Instagram or email us (see contact).

We are aristotally looking forward to your messages and participation!

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AK Stoteles

Mail: with the subject „AK Stoteles”

Instagram: akstoteles

Responsible: Adrian Heider, Jonathan Bauer und Lea Zöller