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Screenshot vom Youtube-Video

Screenshot: Youtube-Video “Time lapse charging of Redox Flow Battery”

Electricity storage technologies will become an important technology as the share of fluctuating renewable energies increases. In addition to classic storage technologies such as pumped storage power plants or Li-ion batteries, the redox flow battery has developed in recent years. The advantage of redox flow batteries compared to other storage technologies is the good scalability of power and storage capacity and the low fire risk. A disadvantage is the low energy density. Meanwhile there are already numerous young companies on the market offering these batteries.

Since we want to offer our students at the location a very good education, it is a logical step to take up new technologies in teaching. Therefore, a redox flow battery for student experiments was built. On our youtube channel you can see a time lapse recording of the charging and discharging process. Special attention should be paid to the changing colors of the electrolyte. Due to the electrochemical reaction the oxidation state of the vanadium changes and with it the color of the electrolyte.


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