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Student council presents award during lecture

On Monday, 29 January, the student council presented the Teaching Excellence Award 2023. This student prize is awarded annually for the best teaching and recognises effort, hard work and outstanding teaching. “But it’s also a way to thank our professors for everything and their exceptional work,” says the student council. “From our sometimes strange questions to top-notch academic performance and students who panic just before exams, these professors are absolute masters of their craft,” the student council recognises. “Their patience, kindness and general awesomeness make them not just educators, but heroes of our academic adventure.”

With an exceptional pool of outstanding lecturers, it was no easy task for the student council to choose a winner. On behalf of all students, the 2023 Teaching Award was presented to Prof Dr Sebastian Goerg. “His commitment beyond the classroom, his creativity and his exceptional ability to inspire and teach have left an outstanding impression on our educational community,” reads the laudation from the student council. Prof Goerg was surprised with the award during his lecture.

Nominees for the Teaching Excellence Award 2023

Prof. Dr. Clemens Thielen

He is not only our statistics sweetheart but also shows that you can be genuinely excited about higher mathematics and data analysis. His kind and gentle approach turns everyone into a data enthusiast.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Grimm

Master of writing unexpected exam questions and the bioinformatics, Python, and math maestro. Between decoding genomes and crunching numbers, he´ll sneak in a joke-roasting software giants!

Prof. Dr. Bastian Blombach

With an infectious passion, he unravels complexities, ensuring that even those with a social science background feel right at home. His profound knowledge and enthusiasm light up the classroom

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Zavrel

He is a true student ally, breaking down complexities with eye-to-eye teaching. Their lectures are a blend of real-world applications, fun activities and lively examples, making each class a captivating journey.

Prof. Dr. Josef Kainz

A wizard wielding laser swords and turning experiments into a dazzling show using his own body as a prop. He made learning about physics so entertaining, that even gravity wants to join the fun.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Goerg

Armed with many graphs and a joke for every economic principle and with his generous open-door policy, he has not just mastered economics but also the art of winning all students’ hearts.

Prof. Dr. Jakob Burger

He excels at unravelling complex phenomena, turning daunting concepts into a captivating journey of discovery. He is always only one click away and his well-structured script makes navigation a breeze.