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Recent press coverage by the WITRON shows the impact of omnichannel operations for the retail industry. Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner from TUM Campus Straubing, Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management is sharing his thoughts on why that is.

Blick in ein automatisiertes Lagerhaus

Blick in ein automatisiertes Lagerhaus. Foto: WILTRON

“Omnichannel is a must-have in retail business. If you want to survive as a retailer, you have to be present on all channels.” Hübner knows his way around, he has been investigating the topic for years. His research focus is on the design of sustainable supply chains, where he holds the Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management at the University’s Straubing Campus as a responsible expert. In the past, the topic of omnichannel was mainly a source of concern for traditional retailers. But the major E-Commerce platforms shook up an entire industry sector. “Today, many small retailers also have their own web platform to serve their customers”, explains Hübner.

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Alexander Hübner

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Alexander Hübner

Does an omni-channel strategy require new logistics centers? Hübner sees a concentration of logistics centers when it comes to consumer goods or fashion. And the challenge for food retail? “The demands companies have on logistics are increasing. Store business is running in cases and home shopping in units. In addition, there are click & collect, drives, pick-up points, etc. The challenge for the coming years will be to map all of it cost-efficiently, flexibly, and sustainably with automation. Hybrid scenarios are therefore gaining in importance.”

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