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With Dr. Abu Siddique, researcher at the Chair of Economics of Prof. Sebastian Goerg, another post-doc – after Dr. Manuel Ostermeier – has been offered a professorship of another university which he accepted. Dr. Siddique is joining King’s College London as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Economics and Policy. An interview about his time at TUM Campus Straubing (TUMCS) and what he will miss about the city of Straubing.

Dr. Abu Siddique vor der Meerjungfrau in Kopenhagen

Dr. Abu Siddique now has his own professorship at King’s College, London.

Mister Siddique, Your time as a post-doc at the TUM Straubing Campus came to an end at December 2021. You have accepted a call from another university, congratulations. What does your professional future look like from January?

Dr. Siddique: Thank you. I am moving to London to join King’s College London at their Department of Political Economy. am joining King’s as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Economics and Policy; therefore, for the next three years or so, I will continue to work on research projects that I started at TUMCS. I also plan to collaborate with various London-based economists and apply for joint research grants to begin new research projects. I am a development economist, so my objective is to continue working on research projects that are related to policy and development in low- and middle-income countries and help inform their public policies.

What will your job be there?

Dr. Siddique: I will be conducting research on development economics, supervising Ph.D. students, and teaching a course on health economics and policy to master’s students at King’s.

How will you remember your time at TUM Campus Straubing and at Prof. Goerg’s professorship?

Dr. Siddique: I have three words to describe Prof. Goerg and the people at his professorship: fun, brilliant, and supportive. I will really miss their collegiality.

What will you personally miss about the city of Straubing?

Dr. Siddique: I will dearly miss the farmers’ market near the Stadtturm, the fresh bread, and the walks by the Danube river. Above all, I will miss being here, miss the nice people of Straubing, and miss walking to my office every day.

Are there opportunities to stay in touch with TUMCS through joint research collaborations, for example?

Dr. Siddique: Yes, of course! First, Prof. Goerg and I are discussing joint funding opportunities for a project on climate change and economic preferences. If we get this project running, I will be frequently visiting TUMCS and his professorship for research purposes. Second, I will try to stay connected to TUMCS as a non-resident fellow. And, finally, whatever happens, I will always stay connected to TUMCS and my brilliant colleagues and mentor here.