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Student representation

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Student representation

Student representation for the study courses “Renewable Raw Materials

Small but fine – this is how the TUM Campus Straubing could be described. The students of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in renewable resources who study here at the TUM Campus are affiliated to the WZW in Freising within the TUM organisation. Accordingly, we are also represented by the active members of the Agricultural and Horticultural Science Student Council. However, since we are a good 100 kilometres away from the student council in Freising, we have a further organisation in the form of the Student Council for Renewable Resources, which deals with all questions relating to studying and living in Straubing. This group of active students, some of whom are active not only in Straubing but also in the Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences Student Council, is therefore the first point of contact for students with all major and minor concerns and, as an interface to the Student Council and Faculty of Studies, ensures a smooth, uncomplicated exchange with the WZW.

Like the other student councils, we are involved in the various university committees – either directly or via our connection to the agricultural and horticultural science student council – and play an active role in shaping the future of our degree courses and the TUM location Straubing by exercising our student co-determination rights in appointment procedures, degree course revisions or the design of new degree courses.
In addition, of course, fun should not be neglected! We organise first semester greetings, opening and closing parties as well as a variety of events during the semester, such as sports and charity events, auditorium cinema and games night.

We are always happy about new, motivated members! So if you are interested, just drop in at our meetings!


Student representation

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