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Working Group Environment

Once upon a time…

a lecture hall cinema evening of the Straubinger students of the renewable raw materials with the film “Tomorrow”. The future measures for enabling sustainable life on an overpopulated planet that were presented in the film caused a lot of discussion among us afterwards regarding our possibilities for action and ideas. One approach that gradually emerged was the establishment of an environmental working group made up of committed students from different semesters.

Our first mission was clear from the start: the introduction of a yellow sack in Straubing. After a visit to the ZAW and further negotiations with the city, we at least managed to set up a recycling island on the university campus to dispose of the students’ private plastic waste. In order to be able to practice environmental protection outside of our private households in the university, separate waste bins for plastics, biowaste and residual waste had to be provided in all lecture rooms.

The primary goal of the AK Umwelt is therefore to make our campus more sustainable and environmentally friendly through recycling, waste separation and waste avoidance. But we are far from finished with our agenda. In the regular AK meetings, we as a group of currently ten members always discuss new projects. At the moment, excursions to composting and waste incineration plants are being planned, the coffee cups in our refectory will be destroyed and a Zero Waste Party is also planned, because of course the fun should not be missing. Successes have to be celebrated properly.


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