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After the remarkable results published in the German business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” last week, TUM School of Management has again achieved outstanding results, this time in the professors’ ranking.

According to the results, TUM School of Management is the strongest German business school in terms of business research.

At the campus in Straubing we are proud that Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner, Chair of Supply and Value Chain Management, is one of the 100 best business economists in German-speaking countries. The exclusive economists’ ranking of “WirtschaftsWoche” provides answers to the question who is the best and at the same time shows the change in content and methodology of business administration.

Successful “Management and Technology” profile

Among the reasons for TUM School of Management’s success, the “WirtschaftsWoche” points to the close cooperation with companies, the tenure track career system as an incentive for scientific performance and the future orientation of research topics. The TUM School of Management, founded only 17 years ago, concentrates on the relationships between management and technology. For example, the business school investigates energy markets and technological innovation processes. Scientists in the fields of economics and engineering work closely together.

A total of 7 TUM School of Management scientists were ranked among the Top 100

Gunther Friedl, Dean of TUM School of Management expressed pleasure over this excellent results: „Our scientists focusing on the interface between management and technology have achieved outstanding results.”