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TUM Campus Straubing


Kreisfreie Stadt Straubing

Straubing is a new up-and-coming science location that is being developed in close cooperation with the city. The entire region has dedicated itself to the topic of renewable raw materials, among other things with relevant industrial settlements. Students will find excellent study conditions here. There are new lecture halls and laboratories in a new building and a stylishly renovated historic building. Close cooperation with institutions on the science campus – the Technology and Promotion Centre, the Central Agricultural Raw Materials Marketing and Energy Network (C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V.) and the Fraunhofer Project Group – provides further insights into research. The independent city of Straubing in the administrative district of Lower Bavaria is an attractive place to study due to its short distances. The campus is within walking distance of the city centre. Of interest to students are also the comparatively low apartment rents, the idyllic location on the Danube – between Regensburg and Passau – on the edge of the Bavarian Forest and beyond the colorful variety of cafes, pubs and a variety of leisure facilities which invite to relax.

The buildings

At the TUM Campus Straubing, students, staff, doctoral students, lecturers and professors have a number of central facilities at their disposal for their work. This ensures that the natural, engineering, ecosystem and economic sciences have an excellent infrastructure in the field of renewable resources – from molecules to marketing in teaching and research.

The laboratory and research building

[18]The construction project started in March 2006 for approx. 20 million euros was completed in January 2009. The TUM Campus Straubing combines research and teaching at the Straubing location under one roof. The trend-setting new building, designed by the Munich architects Nickl & Partner, comprises around 2,800 m² of main floor space, spread over a total of four floors. A characteristic feature of the new building is the white sun protection facade visible from afar, which surrounds the building from three sides. Equally impressive is the completely glazed entrance façade, which extends over three floors. Inside, advanced laboratories, modern offices and a multifunctional technical hall provide scientists with excellent working conditions. In the laboratory areas, chemical, biological and technical test series on renewable raw materials and biogenic residues are carried out. The high-tech research centre not only serves the researchers and students at the TUM Campus Straubing. At the same time, the reputation of the Straubing region as a region of renewable raw materials will be strengthened. As many renewable resources as possible should be used in the construction of the building. First and foremost, of course, is wood. This valuable raw material was used for the floor coverings, for the supporting structure of the façade, for the interior fittings and as fibre for the thermal insulation. In addition, paints and varnishes made of renewable raw materials were used for the textile covering of the sun protection. In this new building the training for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses also takes place. The new building has created excellent framework conditions for further scientific expansion, which is made possible by third-party funded projects. As a result, the Straubing Science Centre is gaining further supraregional recognition as the most important research location for renewable raw materials in Bavaria and beyond.

The former Franciscan monastery

[19]A large part of the site of today’s Competence Centre for Renewable Resources is located on the site of the former Franciscan monastery of Straubing. The historical course of the monastery has been compiled by StD Alfons Huber in the following PDF file. Until the completion of the new building, the chair for raw material and energy technology was located in the renovated monastery wing of the former Franciscan monastery Straubing. From January 2009, the building was moved to the new building in Schulgasse 16. The historical views and the current use of the former monastery grounds can be found here.


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