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Selected Publications

Plank, J., Doblinger, C. (2018): “The Firm Level Innovation Impact of Public R&D Funding: Evidence from the German Renewable Energy Sector”. Energy Policy 113(1): 430–438.

Doblinger, C., Dowling, M., Helm, R. (2016): “An Institutional Perspective of Public Policy and Network Effects in the Renewable Energy Industry: Enablers or Disablers of Firm Entrepreneurial Behavior and Innovation?” Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 28 (1-2): 126–156.

Hüsig, S., Timar, K., Doblinger, C. (2014): “The Influence of Regulation and Disruptive Potential on Incumbents’ Sub-market Entry Decision and Success in the Context of a Network Industry”. Journal of Product Innovation Management 31 (5): 1039–1056.

Doblinger, C., Soppe, B. (2013): “Change-Actors in the U.S. Electric Energy System: The Role of Environmental Groups in Utility Adoption and Diffusion of Wind Power”. Energy Policy 61 (10): 274–284.

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